Pedro Pinto

Pedro Pinto loves to tell emotional and original stories, exploring different techniques and languages. He loves working with actors, something that comes from his background in the theater; where it all began for him. With the years, he looked for other tools that could propel his interest in characters and narratives, acquiring a vast experience in visual effects and post-production. Has worked for many brands, including Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Nespresso, Google and Starbucks. His sensitive work makes him a versatile director, able to create unique universes with memorable characters and performances.



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Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 1581 – Vila Olímpia, CEP 04547-006
TEL: +55 11 3046 8044




AV. Pasteur, 110 – 9º andar, Botafogo, CEP 22290-240

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