Nik Fonseca

Nik Fonseca is a movie director graduated from PUC-SP and FGV, specialized from Global Cinematography Institute of Los Angeles-CA. He started his career on the 2000s at MTV Brasil where, among others, he directed the most watched TV show on the channel, the daily live “Disk MTV”. After many experiences producing and directing for clients as Rede Record, TAM, Bradesco and Turner International, in 2013 he joined Mixer Films’ team taking on projects for Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and UFC.

His preferences for challenging locations and subjects took him to shoot in more than 10 countries, adding up to 4 different continents and more than 20 Brazilian states. While directing “Desafio em dose dupla Brasil” (2014) and “Desafio Celebridades” (2016), both for Discovery Networks, he was away for more than 200 added days, including many visits to Amazonia and shooting in all ecosystems in the country. Because of the TV Shows “Nascidos para o Combate” (2015) and “Viver para Lutar” (2016), for the UFC, he has been in many famous martial-arts academies worldwide joined by the best fighters in each art.


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